Sunday, July 11, 2010

Writers Movement Support System

Good Afternoon everyone. I just wanted to blog up a post really quick to specifically address the bottom line reason why Writers Movement was created.

Writers Movement was created for writers and aspiring authors that work really hard daily to make their writing dreams a reality. There are so many talented writers out here, many of which don't receive the recognition that they deserve. I figured if a writers community was created where the main goal is to find, acquaint, support and promote these writers, then we will all be able to get the buzz we need/want. Writers Movement is not about self, yes we do have our own agendas and work to see to, but when we band together that's when our focus is shifted on helping our fellow members in whatever way we can. Whether it's an uplifting word, resources, shared knowledge/experience, posting links to our respective websites, or just spreading the word about Writers Movement as a whole.

If you have joined the Writers Movement website at then you are considered an official member. I encourage all members to send each other a friend request, friend each other on FB and twitter, chat occasionally, read each others work, visit each others websites and really get to know each other as writers/authors/entrepreneurs. This is the only way we can be able to know the current projects that are being worked on and finding out how we can support those projects. Send donations, purchase a book, spread the word about our fellow members but we can't do this without knowing who is within our community. This is very important because when the outside world can see how strong and supportive we are amongst each other, then before you know it, you will begin to receive support from others that you would have never imagined.

So with this being said, our next chat is August 7th 2010 and I would like all members to be in attendance, only if it doesn't conflict with any prior engagements or responsibilities for that day. I want us all to just have a casual chat, talk about who we are as writers, our goals and current projects. Please be there if you can make it but in the mean time, reach out to each other and network, network, network.

"Mutual Support Leads to Major Accomplishments"

The Movement!


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  2. Wonderful post, Tiffanie! *standing ovation* I was going to post something on this but you have done it beautifully.

    To stress something, simply signing up to be a member of the Writers Movement isn't enough no more than simply showing up for work can be considered the same as doing the work while you're there. The idea that Tiffanie had for this great movement is something that I am grateful for. Meeting her on Twitter will probably go down as one of the best things to happen to me not only professionally but also in my life period because I'm sure we will continue to grow as friends on this journey of ours as well. But, back to the point, it takes more than one person to give the movement life - Tiffanie has planted the seed but it needs other like minded individuals to water and fertilize that seed if it is to grow.

    Tiffanie is right on the mark when she says that we need to "network, network, network." We are the best tool that we have. When I recently had my relaunch for my book I included excerpts from a couple of writers in the WM and also included everyone's contact information so that once people got done reading my book they would see all this "bonus" information and they may be inclined to visit another members site and may be willing to take a chance on their book. I remember how happy Tiffanie was when she emailed me talking about how many more hits she had gotten to the WM site right after my book relaunched. I can't claim credit for all of those but I know that I did my part to help get the word out. I'm happy each and every time I see someone retweet a message about my book or telling people how great it is on Twitter and Facebook and that's what we must continue to do.

    If ONE of us is successful then we ALL are successful because we all benefit. We all have to have the same drive and passion to not only succeed in our own solo ventures but also in seeing that our fellow members make it as well. Tiffanie and I have discussed several times on how much potential this movement has to be something GREAT and bigger than all of us. Let's all get on board to make sure that happens!

  3. Wow Ben! Thanks for the awesome reply and support! And yes, you have done your part in a major supportive way. If we all get on the same like minded path, WM can be a major success for everyone involved. Bless!

  4. You're very welcome. Just trying to play my part and make this as successful as I can. I'm trying to get us on that boat - you've got the first round on the cruise!