Saturday, July 17, 2010

Writers Movement Member: JadaRae

JadaRae (not her real name) was born in March of 1974, in Willingboro, New Jersey.

Her father was a manufacturing engineer by day and a saxophonist by night. Her mother was a stay-at-home mom who made sure that JadaRae and her youngest sister stayed on the straight and narrow. Her mother is now a published poet, and her father is retired but still tootin' that horn.

JadaRae and her sister are both singers and musicians, but JadaRae began to dabble in writing. After she got into trouble by her fifth grade teacher, when she wrote a story that... well let's just say that the teacher called her parents, she was addicted to writing ever since that day.

JadaRae's claim to fame in high school was the fact that she could write stories for other students. The girls loved to have stories written about them and their crush for the moment. JadaRae would often find herself in trouble for writing stories, and not what was on the chalk board. When she entered college after graduating in 1992, she took a creative writing class. Her teacher said that she had a "Terry McMillan" vibe, which was a huge compliment to JadaRae who was only 18 at the time.

She continued to write throughout college, until she stopped writing in 1996, blaming it on a real bad case of writer's block. When JadaRae became pregnant with her first and only child in 2001, her mother told her to get back on the ball. JadaRae’s creative juice started flowing again, and by the time her daughter was three, she had published two short stories and one novel. She refuses to let other people dictate what and when she should write. She was once told that if she writes it... they will read it. So she continues to write.

JadaRae is also a musician, singer, producer, and dabbler of web and graphic design.

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