Sunday, July 11, 2010

Writers Movement Member: Naomi Webster

Naomi and I have been friends on facebook for about a year now. I love Naomi! She is what I like to call a "Smooth and Classy modern day Maya Angelou." The way she formulates her words are amazing and I think HIGHLY of her as a writer. It intrigues me the way she weaves and flows her words together. From the moment you begin to read one of her poems or short stories, you begin to feel something within your soul move in a melodic way. I'm glad that Naomi decided to become a WM member because her gift and craft with words is one of the many epitomes of a very talented unknown writer that deserves recognition and praise. I have included Part 2 of one of her many short stories,His Victim. If you would like to read the rest of this short story and all of her other works, check them out on facebook at!/note.php?note_id=433555025967

"He was not mentally prepare for this..... She was welcoming his attack. She gazed upon him with such admiration that he felt compelled to run away. Kimberly can sense that the attacker was no longer interested. What can she do to move him to complete her mission of demise? She started to squirm and moan but to no avail. He had already grasped that she was in a different zone.

Holding her roughly, he whispered in her ear, "What is your purpose for me?"
Kimberly, confused by the question, responded, "I need you to end the worries that perplex me so. I need to escape the agonies that has held me a prisoner."
He sighed in her ear and said, "I can do exactly what you request but it must be done my way. No exceptions."
Kimberly nodded her head.

He walked her to his vehicle. In his mind, he felt like leaving her at Limp Hill. The thrill and desire had fled from his heart. There is no desire in doing such a brutality if one is willing to submit to it. However, he couldn't help but look at the beauty she possess. Maybe this might be the act that change sexual brutality forever. To have a woman crave brutality and not fear the demise that goes along with it. He thought of the scars that he would put on her face and neck. He thought of the bruises that would come from the applied pressure to her skin. He thought of the coarse sex that would be involved. How much it would hurt her when she discovers that deep down inside she really does not want it. And how she would squirm at all the advances that he would make.

Kimberly is sitting next to him in the car and is silently thanking God for this opportunity. She is ever grateful to have someone collaborate with her mission. She thinks about the scars and bruises he would mark on her. The applied pressure to her skin. The rough, harsh, and sharp sex that is to occur. The thought of it brings instant gratification. She is aroused. She desires it. She is anticipating what he has in stored. She is projecting that her finale would be of mere pleasure not of fatal brutality. She would die having her wish granted in every way imaginable. She knows that he is hunting for a female that is resistant and opposed to this act but her hunger is for this man to demoralize her.

As the vehicle stops in front of his house, he took a pocket knife and slashed her across the face. She screamed, not of pain, but of fulfillment. He saw the blood immediately surface her face. It made his anatomy hardened. He pulled her out of the vehicle with such great force that she almost pleaded to enforce more pressure. She had to remind herself that her body language must show resistance. But her mind and heart is craving for the brutality. As they enter the house, he slowly slice her neck. His heart feels excitement as he hears the ripple of her skin. She is loving it more and more but she is cautious not to show excitement".....

Written by Naomi Webster

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  1. Just read the finale of "His Victim" on Facebook and commented on it - definitely didn't see that ending coming *no pun intended*. Great story.