Monday, July 5, 2010

New WM member: Author Ronald S Barrios

Let's welcome Ronald Barrios AKA Just Rey to Writers Movement. We have been friends on facebook(Just Rey) and twitter(@ItzRey) for quite some time but it wasn't until today that we reached out to each other about his current mystery novel, Blood Drops. I took the pleasure in reading an excerpt today on his website and I was intrigued and drawn into it. I'm looking forward to reading the novel as a whole and writing up a review real soon. Check out the description of Blood Drops below and visit his website at for more information. We are glad to have him join the Movement and we are looking forward to building a supportive networked relationship with him.

"In Blood Drops Holly Richardson disappears and Rey is hired by her husband, Phillip, to find her. But right from the start of the investigation he learns there is more to the case than meets the eye. There's infidelity, deceit, and ultimately murder. Throw in a Mob hit man named Mr. Oliver and a gang war waiting to erupt and you have a fast paced roller coaster ride of an adventure with an explosive showdown between Rey and Mr. Oliver. Every new clue raises more questions and everyone has something to hide; some are willing to kill to keep these secrets hidden. The only way for Rey to get to the bottom of this mystery is to follow the Blood Drops."

Published 2010 by Rey Books

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