Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review for Still Wifey Material by Kiki Swinson

This was a really good read. Many women can relate to having that one hating ass female family member or associate that constantly competes with you when you had no idea that a competition was in play. In this book, that female was Nikki. I wished I could reach into the pages and pull her hair (though I'm not the violent type). Nikki was willing to screw any dude she thought was a "baller" just so she could show her cousin, Kira, that she could be wifey material as well. Nikki believed that Kira was always hating on her when all Kira was really trying to do was to keep her from falling flat on her face and looking silly in the end. Kira was real laid back and low key because she had her pit falls that comes with balling on illegal terms so the glitz and glamour weren't all the glamorous to her anymore. My only issue with this novel is the ending. Kira's fiance turned out to be a serial rapist and killer. Once she found out, she decided to blackmail him. It was mentioned that a blackmail letter was mailed to him when she actually confronted him on the phone. It's very important as a writer to make sure your story stays interlocked all the way to the very end. So with that goof, I rated this novel with 4 stars.