Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review for 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy

The 50 Shades Trilogy is a love story that EVERY woman fantasizes about. Only in a fiction novel do we find a young virgin who is seduced by a young billionaire that adorns her with mind blowing intimacy, romance at its finest and a life where nothing is off limits, at her disposal. Christian Grey is a multibillionaire that was damaged as a child before he was adopted. A friend of his adopted mother, Grace Grey, got a hold of him when he was only a teenager and introduced him to a world of BDSM ( bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadomasochism or sadism and masochism). This was a way for him to release the anger that was held captive within him. By fate, he meets Anastasia Steele, a virgin who is a young college student and in complete awe of him. Their relationship is taken by a storm full of emotional ups and downs and insecurities, but they are able to get through them all and live a life that everyone envies and desires to have. This book is HIGHLY addictive as it is a tunnel that sucks you in by giving you moments to live vicariously through these characters. I rated this book with 4 1/2 stars

Review for Head Above Water (H.A.W.) by Benjamin Jones

Head Above Water exemplifies how love should really be; Loving someone in spite of their flaws and imperfections, willing to trade in your soul just so they can live, and making sacrifices just so you can be with your "love" in the after life. This is the true essence of love that has somehow been lost over the last generation or so. I sheded a few tears while reading HAW and this tells me that Ben is in tune with his readers by touching sensitive points that we all experience a time or two within the course of our lives. It is a "feel good" read about love with a twist of fantasy as we ALL have our personal fantasies about the love that we wish to have. So if you haven't done so already, get your copy of HAW and prepare to get lost in a world mixed with passion, tragedy and the true meaning of FOREVER AFTER! I rated this book with 5 stars.