Thursday, June 24, 2010

H.U.B. Volume 1 Deluxe Edition Re-Launch 7.2.10

The re-launch of H.U.B. Volume 1, the first in a series of illustrated novels from writer Ben Jones and illustrator Justin Taylor, is set for it's re-launch on 7.2.10.

Set in the not too distant future vampires, long considered myth and the stuff of entertainment, have been discovered to be real and have made themselves known to the world, thrusting themselves out of the shadows and into a society where they live right alongside humans. A rogue faction has arisen and is threatening to break the fragile truce that exists and thrust the world into a war between humans and vampires. Mirroring elements of present day society, the world of H.U.B. is unlike anything you have ever read and encompasses many levels that we all deal with - politics, fear of the unknown, acceptance, love, etc...

H.U.B. Volume 1 will be available as a FREE download at (paperback available for $7.99) and will also be available at (Kindle version), through and via the ibookstore for the iPad. Also included are excerpts from 2 members of the Writers Movement, a group of authors who have banded together to help promote, educate, and support each other as we try to make a name for ourselves in this publishing game.

Tell your friends and family about H.U.B. and be sure to visit on 7.2.10 and download your free copy! Also, be on the lookout for H.U.B. Volume 2 - release date is 10.29.10!

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