Thursday, June 3, 2010

Writing Challenge Submission by Tiffanie Minnis

This is Why She Writes

By Tiffanie Minnis

It was something about the way she was able to put melodic sounds and words together that made her heart palpitate with an inexplicable rush. Once those head phones were on and the beat pumped through the speakers that covered her ears, she was no longer Tiffanie. She was First Lady. First Lady had no fear. She was tough as steel with an ability to capture the attention of many by the words that flowed from the crown of her head and out of her mouth. The feeling that came along with goose bumps every time a sixteen bar verse was written and recorded made her know that her talent of writing was a gift she would embrace and exploit in many forms.

Writing is her form of mental escape. It’s her way of having an excuse to transform into her audacious alter ego and say things that are considered forbidden by the laws of the land. Her combination of being a LEFT handed LIBRA takes her creativity to a level that leaves the mind of others in a lingering boggled state. This is what she enjoys most about her gift. Being able to pierce deeply into souls and connecting with them through her words.

When it’s hard for her to explain her feelings, she picks up a pencil and college ruled paper and effortlessly writes out the emotion that bothers her. Spoken word has no edge over her written words. This is how she connects with the world. This is how the world gets a glimpse into who she really is. She writes because it gives her peace of mind. It stabilizes her thoughts so that the right decisions are made. She writes so that her words are therapeutic to her readers. She writes because it is her calling.

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  1. Very nice! I can easily identify with most everything you wrote. Standing ovation!