Friday, June 4, 2010

Writing Challenge Submission by Gabrielle Rice

The Voice of the Night: Why She Writes

By Gabrielle Rice

She writes fiction to right the world. What she doesn’t like in reality she changes it in her writing. Romance, mystery, sex, crime, injustice are revealed through her creations. Sometimes there’s a happy ending, yet sometimes there is not. Pain and woes is what makes fiction fascinating and exciting to write.

She takes the opportunity to expose wrongs in the free world. Writing is more than a hobby; it’s a privilege. By carefully researching topics to aid in exposing the harsh truths, she gains and holds credibility. Justice and exposing is the name of the news game. To inform and educate is a joy. Yes, writing is hard work, but the end justifies the means. The voice says, “It is worth it. It is worth it.”

It’s an opportunity for her to express feelings in a boisterous world that can’t hear her verbally. She writes to establish mental balance. She writes to reflect moods and hidden hostilities. For without writing, she would cry and die. Let her live to see another day with sunshine and rain. No money and no luck she writes on because it is in her heart and soul. She might not be the best writer, but she has an individual voice that must get out at night. The voice must get out and face the dark world. If the voice doesn’t get out at night, then she will lay someone out by day.

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  1. *standing ovation* Yes girl! WRITE! we dont need folks getting laid out lol.... I love it. I enjoyed your choice of words and how you made it flow. Thanks for the submission ;-)