Thursday, June 3, 2010

Writing Challenge Submission by Benjamin Jones

Why He Wrote

By Benjamin Jones

He wrote because it gave him power. He felt like a magician using his words to create new worlds and people, making them do anything and say whatever he wanted. Writing gave him the power to correct past mistakes to where he no longer had to wonder about what if – he could now make it a reality, if only on paper. He could go back in time if he chose to the place where he parted with the love of his life and rewind things to make them right. Tears would be replaced with flowers and the miles between them substituted with kisses.

He wrote because he knew that he was good at it. He took comfort with a pen in his hand and a piece of paper in front of him – those things were a natural extension of him. He was an only child and, as such, was always the quiet type. It dawned on him that anybody could talk but it took much more to put those words on paper. You didn’t have to necessarily think to talk but, in order to commit those words to paper, that took dedication and purpose. He recognized the power of the written word and how it could touch so many lives and possibly change the world.

He wrote for therapy, for the peace of mind that writing something beautiful brings. He wrote for the love of writing. It was powerful to him.

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  1. You are very talented Ben... I like this lots! Looks like the reasons we write are quite similiar! Great Submission ;-)