Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Authors and Writers Bloggers Meet & Greet

I just left a Bloggers Meet & Greet meeting hosted by Dominique Watson, Founder of From a Writers POV. Everyone that was in attendance discussed the concepts behind their blogs and why others would find interest in following their blogs.

The first to introduce himself and his blog was Darryl Mims. Darryls' blog can be found and followed at Darryl blogs about various issues from sports, social topics and a collection of writing projects such as poems and short stories. I personally follow Darryls' blog and I must say that every post gives me a sense of every emotion that we possess. Don't believe me? Check him out for yourself!

Next up was Kandie. Kandie is what I call a Womanpreneur with multiple steels in the fire. Kandie is a freelance copywriter, creative writer, actor, entertainment columnist and graphic designer. Her work has been featured in The Dallas Morning News, Sacramento Observer, W.O.W Magazine and music publication Down Magazine. To learn more about Kandie, you can find information at,,

To close out the meeting, Dominique Watson talked about her POV lounge blog which can be accessed by going to She blogs daily for authors and writers that are a part of the POV community with literary advice and daily tips on the writing industry. She is also considered to be a Womanpreneur that is doing so many great things in the literary world. All Authors and Writers should check out her blog for resourceful information.

Just a quick snapshot of a great meeting. Be sure to check out these lovely writers. Leave a comment and spread the word. After all, it is a movement. Writers Movement. Blessings!


  1. WOW girl I love it! Thanks for the shout out. This was a great blog. I'm loving the movement!!!

  2. Thanks Dominique and You're welcome ;-)