Saturday, June 5, 2010

Effective Diction Use: Abstract vs Concrete

Today's chat was to re-introduce Abstract diction vs Concrete diction and how it plays a major role in our writing today. We learned how to take a simple sentence such as " the dog jumped on my car" and make it more concrete like "The dog with mangy yellow fur jumped on my tiny Prius and snarled, saliva dripping from his jagged teeth" This appeals more to the senses of our readers and keeps them engaged while creating a mental movie.

The writing challenge for this week is to create a story as short or long as you want in 1st or 3rd POV using the picture below. The challenge is to focus primarily on using concrete specific diction and less abstract. Make it interesting, vivid and alive!

Join us next week...Same time Same place! The movement ;-)

Murder of Innocence

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