Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is Writers Movement Really Making the Right Moves for Thier Writers/Members?

I received an email from a WM member asking what exactly does WM do for our members besides chats. Because of this great question, I just want to bring up a few things.

Yes, WM was created to support fellow members/writers by blogging about their works, promoting them on twitter, facebook and networkedblogs, interviews, support through the critique group, purchasing works of fellow members and many other things. Ben and I have blogged about the importance of mutual support because you can't have a support system if no one is doing their parts of being supportive and reaching out to help in any way they can. WM is of course a free online community where everyone can join so it isn't fair for Ben and I to do all the work to make sure everyone gets exposure and support but no one else is giving back in any way. True, Ben and I have teamed up to promote our new releases because both of our releases were due in the same month and we were the only two that showed fire and passion for what WM had to offer. We never shunned anyone intentionally but we figured that if any one wanted to be a part of anything WM laid out on the table, we made it very open and easy for others to reach out to us. So, with that being said, WM will be back in full effect beginning next week! If any one is on board feel free to stay on board and be apart of the movement BUT we will only support those that gives support back... even a simple RT on twitter or repost on FaceBook is good enough. But like I said many times before; " Mutual Support Leads To Major Accomplishments"

The Movement


  1. Very good post, Tiffanie!

    Writers Movement isn't a handout for free promotion. It's a community and a community consists of people working together. If only two people in the community are supporting each other then why should anyone else reap the benefits of it.

    Almost (if not all) of the members of the WM have websites of their own and it's not that hard to pick a member of the WM and promote their book a little bit or, at the very least, RT a message or add a comment or a "like" on Facebook.

    It doesn't take much!

  2. Writer's Movement sounds interesting. I'll look into it. Helping other writers is good. Finding the time is hard. But you're right, one must give to receive.