Sunday, November 7, 2010

Writers Movement Members: Mahogani P and Susie McCray

This post is dedicated to WM members, Mahogani P and Susie McCray.

Mahogani P interviewed me on 11/1/2010 and I must say that it was the best interview I have yet to land. We spoke for the whole hour with no intermissions and we left the interview blessing each other with great encouragement. I have grew quite fond of Mahogani P and I encourage everyone to check out her BTR radio show by visiting . You can also follow her on twitter @mahogani_p and check out her profile on the Writers Movement website by visiting

Check out my interview with Mahogani P by clicking on this link

Susie McCray showed support to both Benjamin and myself by purchasing and downloading a copy of our recent releases, HUB Volume 2: Blowback and D.I.V.A. Domestically Involved in Violent Affairs, to her kindle. This is the kind of support that Writers Movement was created for and I want to thank Susie for extending it. THANK YOU SUSIE :-)

Visit Susie's website at
Follow Susie on twitter at @susiemccray

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  1. No doubt! Thanks Susie, much appreciated. Question: the link to your site doesn't appear to be working. Is the address correct?