Sunday, March 20, 2011

Writers Movement Guest Blog Appearance: Dominique Watson

About The Tension Reliever:

Dominique returns with her sixth book, second volume to her poetry collection The Tension Reliever. In this volume you get to see a different side of the author. Poetry has always been her first love. In The Tension Reliever; Another Side of Me you meet Almond Eyes Diva, another side of Dominique. Sit back and enjoy great poetry that pours out from the author deep within and meet the side of her she’s finally ready to reveal.

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  1. "Mrs. Diva" definitely takes you on an awesome ride in her zone! Dominique's poems are straight from the heart and soul, and released on paper for our pleasure...GREAT JOB!

  2. Thanks bro for all the support!!!

  3. I'm a writer so happy to follow. found you through the blogfarm.