Monday, August 2, 2010

Writers Movement Press Room

Writers Movement will be launching a "Month of the Movement" campaign in October to promote the release of ~D.I.V.A.~ Domestically Involved in Violent Affairs by Tiffanie Minnis and H.U.B. Volume 2 by Benjamin Jones. You can visit to view press releases from both Writers/Authors.

If any other members of The Movement have any press releases or campaigns that they will like promoted in the Writers Movement press room, please send an email to or get in contact with Benjamin Jones (@maddwriter) or Tiffanie Minnis (@AuthorTiffanie) with details and we will be more then happy to promote it via Twitter, Facebook, NetworkedBlogs, and all of the other social media sites we are connected to.

If you would like more information on our individual projects, please feel free to visit Mr. Jone's site at and Ms. Minnis's site at

The Movement


  1. Thanks for posting this, Tiffanie!

    I encourage the rest of you to look over the press releases and create one for yourself.

    Tiffanie and I have been working very hard putting this "Month of the Movement" campaign together to establish not only our own solo brands/name but also to further the Writers Movement brand as well. October is going to be a big one for the Writers Movement with the things that we have planned for both ~D.I.V.A.~ Domestically Involved in Violent Affairs and H.U.B. Volume 2: Blowback and we would appreciate any/all support that you are able to give!

    Let's do this, people!!