Monday, May 10, 2010

Q&A About #WritersMovement

What is Writers Movement?

It is an online community of writers and aspiring authors supporting each other.

Why was Writers Movement established?

It was established for writers and aspiring authors alike to meet while bouncing ideas off of each other, motivating each other and to increase exposure of talented works by talented unknown writers.

Who are welcome to join the Writers Movement?

Any and everyone that have a passion for writing, words, and reading while working hard at launching a writing career in different writing arenas. Also, those that are interested in giving reviews, construtive critism, positive critiques and feedback. I would love for publishers and editors to join the movement whether their business is in the process of being launched or already established.

How will Writers Movement help members?

There will be writing challenges and beneficial topics of discussion that will fuel us to become better business oriented writers. It will equip us with the right tools and knowledge to break through barriers while reaching our individually defined writing goals.

When will Writers Movement Meet?

The schedule is tentatively set for once a month, first Saturdays at 6pm EST time but may change if the demands of members call for a different time.

Where will Writers Movement meet?

We will meet on twitter at the time set. The chat can be accessed by logging into with your twitter username and password

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